Cosi 166b Grading

The final grade in this course will reflect my assessment of your performance in the course. This includes your participation; your mastery of the key learning objectives; your demonstration this both in written form and in code (if applicable); your application of what you’ve learned to working on a team; building an interesting product; and communicating what you achieved at the end of the semester.

Individual assignments are scored and weighted (see below), and used to determine class rank which in turn is used to determnine your grade. Note that you will not get a numeric “final score”, just a final grade. I will follow the guidelines from the University Bulletin:

  • A -> High Distinction
  • B -> Distinction
  • C -> Satistfactory
  • D -> Passing, but Unsatisfactory
Marks for assignments

Throughout the semester, there will be homeworks, assigments, presentations, quizes etc., small and large. Many of them are given a mark in Latte. When something is marked, we will use a 1-100 scale, which you can interpret as follows.

  • 90 - 100: Exceeds Expectations (A- -> A+)
  • 80 - 90: Meets Expectations (B- -> B+)
  • 70 - 80: Needs Improvement (C- -> C+)
  • 60 - 70: Unacceptable (D- -> D+)
  • 0 - 40: Not handed in
NOTE: You have a maximum 3 weeks after a mark has been posted to call our attention to a possible error, oversight or misunderstanding. That is your responsibility. After that, the mark as recorded in Latte will not be changed.
NOTE: All written assignments should be in pdf format, with your name and assignment number at the top. This is to maintain the sanity of your instructors as we sort through the submissions. 20 points are deducted for non-pdf submissions, and another 20 for submissions without your name at the top.

General Rubric

  • Participation: ~10%: Do you keep up with hmework? Do you make a good faith effort at responding to all “Participation Only” work? Do you show up on time (or let the teachers know ahead of time if you cannot?) Do you ask good questions, and contribute to the discussion?

  • Team Contribution (based on peer and self assessments) ~15%: Do you contribute personally to your team? Are you a positive influence on productivity? Are you a reliable team member? Do your team mates like working with you? Are you at the center of problems or of solutions?

  • Individual Assignments: ~35%: For programming work, does the program work as required? Does it use language, platform and framework features in a good way? Does it follow good coding practices? Has testing been considered? For all work, is the deliverable well thought out? Does it reflect an understanding of the concepts covered in class? Does it satisfy the requirements of the assigment? Does it show thoughtfulness, careful thought, professionalism?

  • Team and Final Project and Final Deliverables: ~40%: Does the product work and do what it supposed to do? Is the architecture reasonable and sound? Does it represent good software engineering practice? Did the project go beyond the basic Rails structures that you learned in class? Does it apply several interesting engineering or architectural techniques above and beyond? Was the presentation well designed, planned and delivered? How did the judges see the product presentation and demo? Did you do an excellent job on the portfolio page?

Extra Credit

  • Ask me if you want to do an extra credit assignment
  • The latest you can ask me is three weeks before the last day of instruction
  • Note: it’s easier to push your grade up by doingn well on the core assignments
  • An excellent job here will bump your grade at most one step (e.g. B+ -> A-)
  • It’s not automatic: a casual or superficial submission will not receive credit