List of lectures

#lecture datetitlecategorydescriptionhomework
1Sep 1WelcomegeneralIntro to course and how to succeed1) Prework for Windows students; 2) [RTHW] 1-16; 3) Look at Movies-1 assignment
2Sep 1(LAB) SetupgeneralSet up your computer, learn and play with git1) Consider nominaton yourself as Team Catalyst!
3Sep 5Ruby ImmersiongeneralSee Ruby in action, review the basics1) get to lesson 26 of RHW; 2) Pick some products you like and write them up; 3) Complete and submit PA movies_1, and start on PA Movies 2.
4Sep 8Product DiscussionprodGetting to know you party, and beginning of product selection1) Read RORT Chapter 1; 2) Meet with 3 of your classmates and have a discussion about projects; 3) RTHW up to 36
5Sep 8(Lab) Working on teamsprodExplore how best to succeed on a team, and then start chosing products to work on1) Read about working on teams, and write a response
6Sep 12Ruby and OOPprodWhere we go deeper into Ruby and Object Oriented Programming1) Continue RTHW up to Lesson 44; 2) Continue on movies_2;
7Sep 15Intro to RailsrailsWhere we dig into Rails for the first time1) Read/do RORT Chapter 2, do warmups;
8Sep 15(LAB) Project KickoffprodWe review the Roadmapp and teams are off to the races1) Complete and submit pa_movies_2; 2) Learn and begin application of Kanban using Trello
9Sep 19Database DesigndbApplied DB Design, for your products1) Begin work on PA Rails 1; 2) Individually design initial schemas for your products; 3) Project teams continue working
10Sep 26Building the DatabasedbApplying what we learned to an actual db implementation1) Read RORT Chapter 3, do warmups; 2) Continue working on PA Rails 1; 2) Teams continue working on projects
Welcome to MVC
11Sep 29MVC and the modelrailsSee how MVC works and is designed and implemented1) Db design practice; 2) Read RORT Chapter 4; teams continue working on projects
12Sep 29(LAB) First PR MeetingprodFirst time the teams meet the PRs and get chosen1) Teams, be ready to present your current concept
13Oct 3Stories to UIUXWe look at ways of turning ideas into user interface1) Team fills out their team information page; 2) Design paper prototype; 3) Teams continue working on their projects; Complete and submit PA Rails 1
14Oct 6Rails controllersrailsWe jump deep into Rails controllers and MVC1) Read and DO RORT Chapter 5; 2) Read the Rails Doctrine; 3) Teams continue working on products
15Oct 6(LAB) Sprint 1TDDIntro to test driven development1) Read about TDD and do assignment; 2) Teams provide current schema PDF and stories; 3) Watch and comment about DHH and TDD
16Oct 10Controllers, continuedrailsWhere we continue learning about controllers1) Organize meetings with PRs; 2) Read RORT Chapter 6
17Oct 13TDDTDDDiving deeper into Testing and Quality1) Read several articles; 2) Complete and submit PA Rails 2
18Oct 13(LAB) PR Meeting 2 / Sprint 2prodProduct Reviewers Meeting two1) Prepare for a productive PR meetingl; 2) Continue on PA Rails 3
19Oct 17TDD, ContinuedTDDWe continue on TDD from the previous class1) Read RORT Chapter 7 and do warmups
20Oct 20UI, UX and DesignTowards an effective user experience. Basics of UX and UI1) UI and UX readings, reflection; 2) Write PR meeting report
21Oct 20(LAB) Sprint 2UXTeams work on projects1) Introduce authentication into your product
22Oct 24HTML, CSS and friendsrailsAll the languages of the world wide web1) Read Chapter 8 of RORT; 2) Read Guide to helpers; 3) Continue product work
23Oct 27Forms and ViewsrailsClient and Server interplay for forms and database update1) Continue to work on projects
24Oct 27(LAB) Sprint 3labMostly lab time1) Complete and submit PA Rails 3; 2) Lab Time
25Oct 31AuthenticationAuthentication vs. Authorization1) Security related readings, write a response Teams continue working on products.
26Nov 3REST and Web ServicesadvancedIntro to REST and Web Services1) Read and follow RORT Chapter 10; 2) Submit Showcase Day script
27Nov 3(LAB) PR Meeting 3, Sprint 4PRProject Work1) Continue working on projects
28Nov 7APIs, REST, PUSHadvancedWeb Services, how they work, and how to use them1) Experiment with REST clients and servers. Report your experiences
29Nov 10Javascript and AJAXajaxAll about Ajax and Javascript1) Novel uses of Ajax in your product; 2) Self-knowledge writeup; 3) Codeship deployment
30Nov 10(LAB) Sprint 5labAll time available for product work1) Continue working with your teams!
Kick it up a notch!
31Nov 14Building Mobile AppsadvancedHow to make your web apps mobile, either with or without html100% Work on projects
32Nov 17Scaling with RailsadvancedHow does architecture change to accomodate scale?PR 2 Meeting Report
33Nov 17(LAB) Sprint 6labAll time available for product work1) Continue working with your teams!
34Nov 21Software Engineering at ScaleSurvey some interesting topics in Software Engineering1) Keep working with teams!
35Nov 28Real World Survival KitInterviewing, Networking, Choosing a careerNone!
36Dec 1Best Practices Software EngineersHints on how to be a great Software Engineer1) Self and peer reviews for team projects
37Dec 1(LAB) Sprint 7Usual Lab1) Write Reflection on Computer Science and Software Engineering
38Dec 5Dress RehearsalsEach team does a dry run of their Demo/Presentations1) Prepare your dry run