(LAB) Setup (Fri Sep 1, lecture 2)

Homework due for today

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  1. Locate and begin or continue going through Learn Ruby The Hard Way up to Excercise 16. You will be responsible for Exercise 1-44 over the next week and a half. You will then have to do and submit Exercise 45 as homework. You should complete at least to Exercise 16 by today, which up to that point are super easy. If you haven’t started yet (understandable) you have the lab this afternoon and the weekend to catch up.

Computer Setup

  • Make sure you have installed:
    • Ruby 2.4
    • Rails 5.1
    • git
  • If you have a Mac, install
    • Homebrew
    • rbenv

Lab hours

  • The main class ends at 1:50
  • The lab will start with a little delay to allow leg stretching etc
  • The lab therefore will begin at 2:20pm and go till 4:50pm


  • Portfolio: Other than your products (which will start in a few weeks) all your coding on homework assignments will be submitted through your Portfolio.
  • Review exactly what (PA) Movies Part 1 is about. Answer questions.
  • Notes about Git and Github: Git and Github

Github open play instructions

  1. Everyone sign up to a free Github account
  2. Make sure you know your github username and password
  3. Locate the HTTPS clone URL (not the SSH url) within here: https://github.com/Cosi-166/my-play-project
  4. Everyone clone this repo to your top level portfolio directory: my-play-project: git clone https:\\xxxx
  5. Change to the directory that was created by git clone (my-play-project)
  6. Run your text editor and create a file and put some text into it
  7. Check the status of your repo (git status)
  8. Add that new file to the staging area for git (git add)
  9. Now with that one change, create a new git commit (git commit)
  10. Your local copy of the repo now has one more commit than the server had
  11. But notice that all your classmates are doing the same, so, there may already be some more commits on the server. So just to make sure, pull the state down of the repo which is on the server. (git pull)
  12. Now push your repo (and all its commits) to the server (git push)
  13. Double check what the state of your local repo is (git status)
  14. Now locate a file that you didn’t create, and make a change to it using your text editor.
  15. Follow the same steps above to send that change up to the server
  16. Continue to play and play and play

Ruby Demo and Questions

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