Ruby Immersion (Tue Sep 5, lecture 3)

Homework due for today

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  • RTHW: Continue with RHW: Learn Ruby The Hard Way. You should be at least up to Lesson 26. I know it’s going fast, but we are trying to get up the learning curve quickly. The lessons are getting a lot more difficult, arent they? Don’t give up or start slacking, keep at it! Remember that your work should be happening inside your Portfolio.
  • Products: Come up with a few product ideas. For inspiration you could look at Inspiration for products or the Student product showcase or Product Hunt. It doesn’t matter where. Select between one and three that you might want to work on in this class. Remember the caveat: Don’t set the bar at “this is the most wonderful product idea I ever saw”. Set it at “this is a product that could be interesting to develop and work on.” Write up (in 1 or two paragraphs max) your favorite product ideas and add it to the product list Deliverable: Add your two ideas to the Latte Product List
  • PA_MOVIES_1: Complete (PA) Movies Part 1. This assignment will get you to write some basic code with Ruby. You will learn how to read files work with data in arrays and hashes. If you are stuck, ask one of our wonderful TAs for assistance. Up to now you have been coding inside your own Portfolio. Deliverable: Your PA1 submission, zipped. . Begin working on (PA) Movies Part 2 in your portfolio, like before.

Interesting (but optional) reading

  • Ruby Symbols are a simple yet always confusing data type. Here’s one of many links to explain them: Ruby Symbols

Homework Review

  • Discuss progress on the ruby work.
  • Look at some representative code in the portfolio

Ruby Demo and Questions

Product Brainstorm

  • Look over results of product review

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