Product Discussion (Fri Sep 8, lecture 4)

Homework due for today

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  1. RORT: Read Ruby on Rails Tutorial ([RORT]). Read Chapter 1. Look at Rails 5.1 Notes and Caveats for late breaking addenta and errata. The chapter has lots of other useful information that you will use now or refer to in the future. You should do the steps that he shows in the chapter yourself. You will hit snags, but push forward until you get it all done. Now go to Latte and answer these warmup questions:

    • Can you come up with an original example of when you would use a git branch?
    • What is the difference between git and githhub?
    • What is the difference between Heroku and Github?
    • What problem does bundler solve?
    • Are there one or two things you are still confused by? If not, what one or two things were the most memorable about your reading? Deliverable: Do the warmup in Latte and submit by 8am on the day of class.
  1. PROD: Meet outside of class for at least 1 hour with 3 other students, look through and discuss the project options. These are not necessarily going to be your teammates. It’s just a forum to immerse yourelf in the project ideas and exchange ideas. Discuss discuss discuss. I know it’s hard to find time, but really try to do it so you can really get a feel of where you could take each idea. Write up your favorite two or three ideas as entries in the Product Ideas List in Latte. t doesn’t matter if the others in your team of three write up the same. However write them down independently! Deliverable: Write up your personal favorite 2-3 ideas..
  2. RTHW: Contunue with Learn Ruby The Hard Way up and including Lesson 36. Remember that your scratch work should be happening inside your Portfolio.

Interesting (optional) Reading

First product selection discussion

  • I will ask the groups of 3 to talk about what products they liked. Give your names!
  • Sales pitches for products (Pito and any other students)
  • How close to the writeup will the product have to be?
  • Do we have to use ruby on rails? (yes)
  • Write ideas on the board as fast as we can!
Our Goal Come up with about 30 good product ideas!

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