(LAB) Project Kickoff (Fri Sep 15, lecture 8)

Homework due for today

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  1. Movies_2: Complete (PA) Movies Part 2 Look closely at the end of (PA) Movies Part 2 where two deliverables are specified. Deliverable: Upload your code to github; run it through Codeclimate; write a post with the requested information about your solution. Zip up the directory and submit it to Latte
  2. Kanban: Kanban is one of the easiest forms of Agile planning to implement so we will be using that for our projects. You can find lots and lots of information about Kanban on the web. Read: A Beginner’s Guide To Managing Software Development with Kanban and Trello. Also Watch this Video about implementing Kanban with Trello.

Interesting (Optional) Readin

Let’s now form Teams

  • Today we will try and form teams. It will be chaotic so try and stay calm :)
  • A significant part of your grade will depend on how well your team functions
  • We will be doing 8 different products!
  • Each team will have 4 students, no exceptions.
  • Each team is assigned a TA as their coach
  • Each team will be required to meet outside of class at least 3 hours per week
Previous Students Say "It's tempting to just pick any old product and just move on. Not a good idea! You might regret that later. You will be spending a lot lot of time with the choice, so it's worth choosing with care."

First Team Meeting

  • Each team meets for at least 90 minutes to discuss and decide on their direction.
  • Confirm team members. Decide on specific weekly meeting time.
Time Scheduling a standing meeting time is hard. But it is required and expected. Please be flexible with your teammates and find a time that is the least inconvenient!
  • Discuss and decide the product you want to build.
  • What interests the team most about this product.
  • You can also refer to Project Roadmap for some further background details
  • Start collecting a detailed list of stories
  • One of you create the Trello board you will use for your project and add all your ideas and preliminary tasks to it.
  • Begin tying names to Trello cards
  • Team Deliverable: Write your project kickoff post including a link to the Trello Board

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