(LAB) First PR Meeting (Fri Sep 29, lecture 12)

Homework due for today

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  1. Review Product Reviewer Meetings. Prepare a brief presentation


  • Can be semi-informal
  • May or may not use slides
  • Introduce team members and what they are interested in
  • Describe the product as it is currently understood
  • Talk about why it would make an interesting product
  • Even now: try hard to explain the product in a way that someone without any context could visualize and imagine what you meen.

Plan for the day

  • We will meet and hear about the backgrounds of each of the PRs
  • Each team will have +/- 5 minutes to describe their chosen direction
  • The PRs will consult and decide which two product each PR takes on
  • Any remaining time will be spent with PRs and their product teams.

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