(LAB) Sprint 1 (Fri Oct 6, lecture 15)

Homework due for today

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  1. TDD: Read some background on Test Driven Development * Read MiniTest::Spec tutorial * Read Minitest Quick Reference * Read Rails Testing Pyramid * Do the following assignment: TDD homework. Do the work in your Portfolio in a tdd directory. Deliverable: Zip up the directory and submit it in Latte.
  2. Teams: For this lab I’d like you to prepare two things: * List of stories, prioritized. Note that this should be your current best guess, but naturally you will be able to make changes as you go along. Remember that a story is a short description of a mini-feature. They often follow a format like “(persona) can to (action)”, e.g. “Student can view a list of TAs.”. Most of the time a story is one or a few sentences long. Think of it as what the programmer would what to know before trying implement the story. For example, “user can display to do list, and change the sort order either by priority or by date.” You should google for product stories, or scrum stories, or writing a user story. * Carefully worked out schema for your product. Include table names, column names, column datatypes, primary and foreign keys, and One/Many to One/Many relatationship arrows. * Team Deliverable: pdf to the stories, and pdf with your schema.
  3. TDD View a video talk by the original inventor of Rails where he debunks TDD. This video: RailsConf 2014 Keynote, from last year caused untold controversy. Watch it and write a brief reflection. Deliverable: Your reflection, with your summary of DHH’s key arguments and your reaction to them. Max 1 page, pdf. * Projects: You should be working on the steps up to around [URLSSDV] in Project Roadmap
  4. Rails PA 2: Continue working on PA Rails 2

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