(LAB) Sprint 2 (Fri Oct 27, lecture 23)

Homework due for today

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  1. Authentication: Introduce authentication to your product. More detail: now that you’ve gone through the chapters in the Tutorial for creating a user record and a login screen, implement it in your product. Team Deliverable: Commit latest version of your product to github

  2. Product Test Automation: Introduce automatic testing to your product * Read up about the rails-admin gem and install it into your team product. * Every individual member of each product team writes at least 3 Minitest-spec tests for the product * Deliverable: Source file with the tests that YOU wrote in the product
  3. Projects You should be up to URLSDV. Demonstrate your “Walking Skeleton” on Heroku
  4. Rails PA 3: Continue working on PA Rails 3

During the whole 2-5 time

  • Project work time!

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