HTML, CSS and friends (Tue Oct 24, lecture 22)

Homework due for today

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  1. RORT: Read Ruby on Rails Tutorial ([RORT]) Chapter 8, “Basic Login”. This chapter covers routes, controllers and actions, reviewing what was demoed in class last week. You will encounter the vaunted form_for again. And you will for the first time you will see the routes “resources” line. You will finally deploy what you have so far onto Heroku.

    As usual I really encourage and ask you to go through the code samples and actually type them in. You will see that it really helps your understanding and will assure your success in this course! Use your resources: the TAs, the class mailing list, stack overflow, google and push through to success! When you are done, go to Latte and answer these warmup questions:

    • What does it mean when we say that the HTTP protocol is “stateless.” Why does this pose a challenge for processing authentication?
    • The log_in method has this line: session[:user_id] = Explain it.
    • How is a logout achieved?
    • Are there one or two things you are still confused by? If not, what one or two things were the most memorable about your reading? Deliverable: Do the warmup in Latte and submit by 10am on the day of class.
  2. Read: Rails Guide on Form Helpers with a metaphorical pen and paper in hand.
  3. Teams: You should be up to around steps DB, UNITTEST, ACCTS, AUTHENT of the Project Roadmap
  4. Rails PA 3: Continue working on PA Rails 3

Text Based formats / languages

  • There are many
    • XML - granddaddy of them all
    • HTML (HAML, Markdown)
    • JSON (YAML)
    • ERB
  • They are all like little programming languages
    • Syntax checking and syntax errors
    • Versions (HTML5, )
    • Given to ‘interpreter’ or ‘compiler’ to do something

Lightning Reviews

Look at next class