(LAB) PR Meeting 3, Sprint 4 (Fri Nov 3, lecture 27)

Homework due for today

  • Teams: Should be intensely working on your products. Don’t take this as there is no homework, or no programming. I know you prefer a specific assignment, but this one is general. You should really be hitting the accelarator now, with all team members contributing and regular meetings outside of class.

    Now that we have PA Rails 3 behind us, all that energy that you were able to muster on an individual assignment? It’s so important that you maintain that focus and mission!

    I would expect that all teams have now achieved the following:

    1. Clean github repo
    2. Stable schema
    3. Stable routes
    4. Trello with a prioritized list of stories
    5. Clearly agreed upon functionality details
    6. Teammates working on their own bits of functionality (more or less)
    7. Some degree of automated testing
    8. Product auto deployed via Codeship to heroku
    9. Login/Logout/Authentication/Authorization
    10. Major controllers and views well on the way
    11. Look and feel still rough and changeable

Various Useful code samples and content

  1. Hands On Tiny Rails Demo
  2. Hands On Codeship
  3. Hands On Heroku for Rails

Rails Admin

Project Work

  • The whole lab is available for team project work
  • Pito and the TAs are available for consultation. Bring questions or areas where you want to consult.

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