Software Engineering at Scale (Fri Dec 8, lecture 39)

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Topics in Software Engineering at Scale

  • Beyond the technical architecture (last class)
  • Numerous engineering process concepts
  • Software Engineering is totally different with millions of users
  1. What is “the cloud” and how does it influence software engineering? The Cloud

  2. Notion of a ‘release’ is no longer valid. Large scale software companies release continuously: Continuous Integration and Deployment

  3. Alternatives to feature branching, and a way to control impact of new features when we’re doing continuous releases: Feature Switches

  4. Another result of continuous deployment of SaaS is the rise of Devops as a new and potent process and job title. Read this right now: Devops Defined: The Rise of Devops

  5. Current perspectives on overall development team processes and management had their start with the Agile Movement: Agile Methodology