Real World Survival Kit (Tue Nov 28, lecture 35)

Homework due for today

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Important note about today

You may use the class time today for working with your team on your project. You can do this if you feel that would be a better use of your time or you’re not that interested in this topic.

Note: This is not 80 minutes free time:It is mandatory that you either come to class or work, face to face, with your team for the duration of class time.

Real World Tips: Cliff Notes

  • LinkedIn. How it works. Why to Join
    • Please join now and connect to me.
    • Lets look someone up.
    • Designing your profile
  • People Networking. How to do it. Why it’s important
    • Karma. What you sow is what you reap
    • The “System”. 6 months. Keep a list.
    • Know why you want to talk; know why you’d be worth talking to
  • Resumes. Some tips
    • Who looks at them, for how long
    • How does hiring process work
    • Type, color, pages, appearance
    • Career goal; Special qualifications
    • Cover letters
  • Interviews. Shome tips.
    • Dress, demeanor:
      • Not what they can do for you; what can you do for them
      • Body Language
      • Enthusiasm
    • Trick questions:
      • “What salary are you looking for?”
      • “Are you a hard worker?”
      • “Whats your greatest weakness?”
  • Companies
    • Key functions. Titles.
    • Risk factors. Runway. Layoffs.
    • Big vs. Small company

Real World Survival Kit. Details and Old