Last Day! (Fri Dec 8, lecture 38)

Homework due for today

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  1. Self and Peer Assessments: Assess your own and each of your teammates contribution to your team. Consider attendance and timeliness to the team meetings, contributions in words and deeds to the work and the deliverables, contributor to positivity and harmony, willingness to step in when things go wrong. Write up a brief summary of your thinking, one line for each team member including yourself. Provide a numeric assessment as well, with the numeric assessments totaling exactly 17. Deliverable: Posted on latte as a pdf. It should be around 5-10 lines of text total. Failure to follow the format and adding to 17 will lead to a loss of 20 points. Follow this format EXACTLY:
  PS (me): Was present for all meetings, feels like I was the leader. Kept track of
  deliverables and wrote a major section of the report. - 5

  MA: Missed so many meetings, even when promised didn’t show up. Nice person though - 3

  RO: My partner who was as reliable and had a lot of key ideas. Figured out the
  pricing model and did a great job on the mockup. - 5
  OR: Pretty good, tried hard to help and was reliable. Good worker. - 4
  1. Watch Everyone watch this video that gives fantastic tips on giving a good presentation: This Week In Startups - Sharktank
  2. Prepare: In class we are going to do dry runs of the presentations. Your team homework is to prepare for this presentation and demo to make sure you put on a professional talk.


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In class

  • All teams get 8 minutes to talk and demo their projects

Details on final deliverables for the course

  • Here are the details of what the deliverables should contain (by the showcase): Cosi 166 Final Deliverables

  • All deliverables due on: TUE DEC 12 11:55pm EST
  • Code can be modified and resubmitted until SUNDAY DEC 17 11:55PM EST
  • Showcase is MONDAY DEC 18