Project Plan of Attack

The Walking Skeleton (WS)

  • One of the principles of Agile development is to have running code as soon as possible and all the time
  • Sometime in 2 or so weeks you will have completed your “walking skeleton” version of the product
  • It’s called that because it will do almost nothing, just simply ‘stand up’
  • It might show one or two screens that does one little thing with a database with just one or two tables.
  • It’s purpose is to prove that you’ve gotten something running.

Showcase Day Version (SDV)

  • Instead of a final, this course will have a Showcase day where everyone presents and demos their products
  • You will need to plan this Showcase Day Version of your product (SDV)
    • Think of this as the absolute minimum demo of your product that you want to have working by the product showcase.
    • What is the essential coolness of your product? Can you demo that?
    • Remember a perfect login or user settings page is not essential coolness.
    • Think of the aha reaction you want in the viewer.
    • Remember you can always exceed that!
  • Narrow your focus!
    • You will make a detailed mockup/paper prototype of your 1 or at most 2 core views your SDV will require
    • Detailed not because it has beautiful colors but because it covers the layout AND interactions that will work.
    • Everything from here on should be support that core view and nothing more!
    • Divide and conquer! Make sure each team member has a distinct deliverable!
    • Dig into the difficult things - don’t avoid them in favor of the easy things!