Product Reviewers

Michael Raybmanmraybman@gmail.comTBD
Joel Guerra-ArauzJoel.Guerra-Arauz@infor.comTBD
Steve Yostsyost@quicktopic.comTBD
Alex Kieftalex@knowledgevision.comTBD

Role of the Produt Reviewer

The teams should be getting the concepts and nuts and bolts of building the product from the class and from their own work. The reviewer’s role is simply to get an update at the end of each iteration and give the team their feedback from a practical, outside world perspective.

  • Priority setting on features to do and not do
  • Suggesting technologies, platforms, etc to look into
  • Pointing out similar products that could serve as models
  • Ideas on issues that team might be hitting.


The students will be responsible for preparing all the materials and running the meeting.

The Product Review meetings will be the Product Reviewer plus the four team members. It is meant as a working session where the PR reacts, comments and critiques the project status. (Think about the famous billg reviews)

The Final Showcase has each of the teams doing a 8 minute presentation plus demo in front of all the PRs. They all get a chance to react to what they see and give an overall assessment. The Brandeis community will be invited but in practice we will probably have no more than 30 people in the audience.

Student and teacher responsibility
  • Prepare a framework of questions and issues to discuss with the reviewer before each meeting
  • Design an appropriate agenda for the meeting, built around the convenience of the reviewer
  • Making sure the reviewer has update materials several days before the call
Scheduling and reporting
  • Each product reviewer meeting is scheduled by the team at the convenience of the PR during a target week (see below.)
  • After the meeting happens, there will be a team deliverable where the students report on the meeting
Target Dates for PR Meetings
  • Sep 29 2017 at 3:30 Kickoff with Product Reviewers.
  • Second Product Reviewer Meeting:
  • Third Product Reviewer Meeting:
  • Fourth Product Reviewer Meeting: