Inspiration for products


This list is just for your inspiration! You don’t have to pick anything from this list! And the entries on this list are quite vague as well, leaveing you a lot of wiggle room. I don’t claim these product are unique, never heard of before or even a good idea. This list is here to inspire your thinking and take you out of your usual comfort zone!

AirStorageMatch up people who have extra storage with people who need short term storage
Barter MeA fun platform for arranging barters over distance and time
Campus GPSHelp visitors to your campus not get lost as they try and find a building, floor, office or person.
CarIDTake a picture of a car and find out the market price and other information about it
Class PlannerFigure out what you want to do with your (college) life.
Cross My Fingersan app to track commitments (to people, orgs, etc), and uses a mixture of social pressure + reporting to help you follow through.
Block Chain X-RayEducational and Research tool to visualize and experiment with Block Chain
DefinitiousGive brief definitions of concepts. Super brief version of Wikipedia
EpsilonPhysical media database and playlist manager for radio stations
Expert Advice3 Minute expert advice Videos from student and faculty experts
Explosify!Select from a database of pre uploaded lens flares, explosions and lasers to make videos appear to be an action film
Tinder for food/restaurants/barsweb app allowing users to upload pictures of food or the restaurant interior to help other people decide if they like it
FoodflixProfessional photos and videos for restaurants social media presence
Football Tutor LiveMake watching football more fun and more rewarding
IMDB For BooksBibliofiles are always looking for facts about books, from author, genre, reviewers, themes, topics, summaries. Does what IMDB does, but for books.
Coursumer ReportsYelp For Online Courses
bigTweetWrite long paragraphs on twitter
RadicalCraigslist for creatives
Remember my nameDoes your job require you to learn many people's names, quickly? Creates a set of flash cards to help you quickly put faces to names.
Carpe DiemImpromptu events are happening on campus; announce, discover and join in
Social ResearchWhat gems can be found by mining social media flows? Do hard research on people, technology, culture and trends.
Student Opinion PanelsBuilds a huge community of student opinion panels for marketers to get early notice of trends of opinions, for a fee, of course.
Tinder for FriendsDiscover people nearby who share your unique interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, major, cla
Trade AssistantYour own trading bot monitors the market, applies your rules, and sends you buy and sell reminders
TurnItIn for codeAllow coding assignments to be turned in and checked for plagiarism
Twitter Feed ReaderTwitter has taken over for many people as the source of news but the twitter experience is lousy for readers.
Uber for car rentalsDoes your car spend most of it's life in the parking lot, unused? Make it available for rental to pre-approved and verified renters on an hourly or daily basis.
Video chat pen palPracticing languages with native speakers
Zillow for dorm roomsWhat do we know about this room? Let the occupants of a room this year, leave notes to the occupants comming next year. Does the heat work? Is it noisy? Is there a leak? Does the wifi work great?
5 QuestionsAsk 5 personal questions, once a year, and lock the answers in a personal vault. Fully private mirror into how you grow over time.