Goals and Learning Objectives for Cosi 166b

Summary Learn how the whole stack of a database driven web application works. Learn how to build such a product.

What I hope you will learn

  • How the full stack of internet technologies work together
    • Internet as a system: protocols, services, formats and concepts
    • What are parts of a web server and how does it work
    • How databases work and fit into the architecture
  • How build a db driven web app with on top of a framework
    • Model/View/Controller
    • User experience design in practices
    • Framework such as Ruby or Rails
    • ORM such as ActiveRecord
    • Design of the database
  • Basic Principles of Agile methodology
    • Stories, backlog, iterations, velocity, pair progamming
    • Refactoring, Test Driven Development, Automated Deployment

What I hope you will be able to do

  • Approach a large programming project without trepidation
  • Know how to design and develop a new database backed web application (given requirements)
  • Do this with Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript